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EASY COOL – Easy Line

easy-cool-hvidEPS insulated box with lid for storage and transportation easy-cool-white
Some examples are
•    hot and cold dishes
•    drinks
•    fishing trips or picnics
•    camping





EASY STORE – Easy Line

easy-store-hvidEPS box with lid for storage and transportation easy-large-white
Ideal, secure storage in attics and sheds of items such as:
•    clothes and books
•    tools
•    Christmas decorations
•    paints




EASY GROW – Easy Line

detail-2-iconEPS self-watering box with partitions for cultivation. Ideal for the greenhouse or patio. The self-watering box is also the right size for grow bags.detail-2-icon
Easy care of plants and flowers – saves water and time. Use it for:

•    tomatoes, cucumber, chilli, etc.
•    herbs
•    flowers





EASY GREEN – Easy Line

easy-green-hvidEPS container for the storage of vegetables, etc. Ideal for use in sheds or on patios/balconies. Keeps the frost and heat out.easy-green-white
Some examples are:
•    Potatoes, carrots, etc.
•    Apples, pears, etc.
•    Ice cubes
•    Drinks