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Horticultural packaging

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EPS plant and pot trays

We have a large selection of quality EPS potting, planting and sowing trays – all designed to fit on CC containers.

EPS boxes for fruit and vegetables

The high stacking strength and low weight of the EPS boxes make them a safe choice when lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables are to be harvested and packaged for further distribution.

The waterproof, insulating and shock-absorbent properties of the material mean that your products are stored hygienically and stay fresh during transportation. Our EPS boxes are designed to fit on EUR pallets.

Environmentally responsible

EPS is an environmentally responsible material, which is easy to recycle. We are happy to advise on waste reduction and the disposal of EPS. We make it easier for you to make the right choice

Optimum protection

Our expertise comes into play on the road between the nursery and the end user, ensuring that your plants reach their destination in one piece. When you choose our EPS trays, you get a lightweight, strong and environmentally responsible solution which affords your plants optimum protection during transportation and presentation. Our flexible production machinery and large storage capacity ensure that you do not run out.

Wide range

Over the years, we have developed a wide standard range for the horticultural profession. It is the result of both the work of our own product developers and the close cooperation we enjoy with our customers.

Self-watering box

EPS self-watering box with partitions for cultivation. Ideal for the greenhouse or patio. The self-watering box is also suitable for grow bags.

Easy care of plants and flowers – saves water and time. Some examples are:

•    tomatoes, cucumber, chilli, etc.

•    herbs

•    flowers