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Customised solutions

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Need to fix pipes, cables or other elements in your product?

Moulded EPS/EPP can do the job for you. Instead of using steel plates and rivets, for example, we can develop carefully customised packaging. This ensures that your product is assembled quickly and correctly. Lightweight, it isolates and absorbs shocks and vibrations.

Does the temperature matter when you send your product?

A temperature-sensitive product is safe in EPS or EPP packaging. EPS/EPP acts as insulation, and when it is moulded, it can also protect your products. You can, for example, combine it with freezer blocks to ensure a stable temperature for several days.


Want a lightweight solution for transportation?

With EPP or EPS, you get packaging moulded specifically for your purposes. It protects your product against shocks, knocks and moisture. It optimises the logistics, both at the warehouse and during transportation. It makes it easier to pack quickly and correctly, making a positive difference to both your employees and your bottom line.


Want your packaging to make a good impression on the bottom line?

EPS/EPP is packaging how you want it. We offer standard solutions or we can tailor a solution to your specific requirements, no one else can match. Whatever the solution, it will protect both your products and your employees. Quick and efficient packaging that strengthens your bottom line.