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New solutions to your challenges

Our internal development department remains in constant contact with our customers regarding their customised solutions. As the customer, you determine our level of involvement. We can handle all aspects of a development project, leaving you to choose how best to employ your skills. 

Here, we can develop both our own and customer-specific projects.

Every year, we complete hundreds of projects, involving even more drawings, which are converted into prototypes in our CNC milling machine. So whether your challenges involve temperature, moisture, transportation, occupational health and safety or something else entirely, we develop and test in close cooperation with you and our internal network. Our expertise lies in:

  • Ideation
  • Construction
  • Documentation
  • Testing

Our field of work is:

  • Packaging
  • Technical items
  • Building

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Consideration pays

In our development work, we treat our materials as an active part of the product itself – factoring in our knowledge regarding properties and production methods. Among other things, this contributes to:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower production costs
  • Improved product features
  • Improved bottom line

The development department is our strategic competence centre

The internal development department is also our strategic competence centre when it comes to the development of customised solutions and new products. They also have ongoing contact with our subsidiary in the Netherlands, Synbra Technology Center, where new raw materials, among other things, are developed.

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